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Unified Communications displays available connections options making business communication very functional no matter where you are.



     CAN AFFORD     

Affordable, Reliable, Custom Communication Solutions WHEN,

WHERE and HOW you need them. 

About Us:

Platinum Communication Solutions started in 2016 by David Fortriede to assist businesses in improving the way they communicate with their customers. Located in Tyler, Texas, Platinum serves growing businesses from coast to coast. Today we count with 60+ small and mid-size businesses and we have added to our team, Yamillette Sanchez as a partner.


Technology has sped up services, taking us to a new level where new strategies and new targets have to be implemented daily to remain competitive in the market. The implementation of automated services, instant messengers, and social media has created a more demanding culture, with customers expecting a faster service, faster communication, faster results.  Platinum Communication Solutions’ platform can help you to achieve this kind of communication while protecting your profits during this time that a shaky economy has taken over. We have created a competitive pricing program to provide businesses with a Custom Phone Services Plan for about 1/3 less than the competition.


Why Us?

In East Texas, the Telecommunication Industry is primarily composed of Suddenlink, AT&T, followed by those you can find online with overseas technical support. While this industry has grown quickly, you won’t find many providers committed to your success like we are. We want to be at your service, we are a local company with local technical support. At Platinum Communication Solutions, as leaders and Christians, we believe that our company success happens when, as a company, we model the right values and take care of our customer’s needs.  We are dedicated, results-driven, and performance-focused professionals. We want to empower your growth.


Our Mission is to provide the highest quality service while supporting our client's growth and business transformation while forging lasting relationships.


Our entire staff is dedicated to assisting you and your staff to enjoy what you do while being productive and profitable. We look forward to working with you!

Grandstream Phones



Internet-based telephone systems less expensive than conventional landlines.  With VOIP you will have all the basics of a traditional phone system plus some advanced futures that will allow your team to connect on the go, all of them for less than the traditional phone. 


Some of OUR Advanced Features: 

  • Auto Attendant 

  • Text Messaging

  • Chat Messaging 

  • Call Forwarding

  • Call Hold

  • Call Recording

  • Caller ID

  • Disable Outbound Dialing

  • Do Not Disturb

  • Incoming Call Blocking

  • Paging

  • Office Intercom

  • Redial

  • Outgoing Call Blocking

  • Ring Groups

  • Speed Dial

  • Voicemail

  • Voicemail to Email

  • Voicemail to Text Message

Unified Communications

Unified Communications (UCaaS) is an All- In- One Platform that integrates voice, video and collaboration.

Our UCaaS platform enables collaboration and productivity, regardless of location. Your team will have access to the most advanced communications tools such as video conferencing, softphone, screen sharing, meeting rooms, virtual offices, chat, and SMS. 


***Does not require a Business Phone Plan***


  • Enterprise Communication 

  • Meetings ( audio/video/ web conferencing )

  • Virtual Rooms

  • Screen Sharing

  • Multiple Webcams

  • Lightboard ( like the weather man)

  • Sidebar Conversations

  • Instant Messaging ( Private and Team)

  • Platinum's self-service web portal for provisioning, management and performance/usage reporting.

Discover Our Expertise


Why Platinum Communication Solutions?

Mobile App

With Platinum Communication Phone Services, you do not have to buy equipment. If mobility is your thing, our Mobile VoIP app, allows you to receive your business phone calls on your smart phone. Utilize features like office extension, extension-to-extension dialing, Caller ID and more to increase productivity while pulling together voice, chat, video, and other services to support your mobile workforce.

Customer Portal

Don't want to use your Smart Phone or Desk Phone? Log In on our Customer Portal and enjoy the benefits of having a phone service plan with Platinum Communication Solutions.


Please refer to our UCaaS services for summary of our Unique Unified Communication and  Collaboration Tools 

cloud PBX.jpg

Hosted PBX&vOIP

With Platinum Communication Solutions Services you get Hosted PBX and VoIP technology, a future-proof phone system that continuously updates to provide an unmatched user experience with smaller up-front costs and smaller monthly costs.  Smaller initial investment with smaller monthly costs, makes hosted PBX a valuable cost saver.

Additionally, Hosted PBX is easily upgradeable, helping to expand your business communications without the the constant need for technical support and rewiring.

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Cyber Security

​We care for your business security. As part of our Premium Features, we offer you the option of adding a physical firewall. 

  • SD-WAN

  • HIPAA/PCI compliance

  • Phone call priority

  • Security threat sharing

  • Simplicity: Ensures ease of deployment and management

  • The software-based device means upgrades and additions are done through the cloud

  • No need to seek out various solutions from different vendors

  • Manage all your locations remotely with the all-in-one box

Other Feature​s

  • Accounting and Billing

  • Activity Reports

  • Call Detail Records

  • Call Traffic by Extension

  • Call Volume Graphs

  • Call Center Reports

music on hold

  • Commercials On Hold  (By Phone Number)

  • Music On Hold (Custom or Default)

  • Virtual Auto Attendant

  • Multiple Top Level Auto Attendants

  • Sub-Level Auto Attendants

  • Top Level Auto Attendants 

          (Always On or Time Based)

Call Conference

  • Conference Bridges (Premium Feature)

  • 3-Way Conference Call

Call Center

  • Agents

  • Pause

  • Queues

  • Reason Codes

  • Tally Codes

  • Zero Out

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