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  • Cybersecurity/firewall

  • SD-WAN

  • HIPAA/PCI compliance

  • Phone call priority

  • Security threat sharing

  • Dashboard provisioning

  • Single pane of glass

  • ​Simplicity: Ensures ease of deployment and management

  • No need to take apart your infrastructure when new technologies are released

  • The software-based device means upgrades and additions are done through the cloud

  • No need to seek out various solutions from different vendors

  • Manage all your locations remotely with the all-in-one box

  • ​Managed wi-fi

  • 4G LTE WAN connection

  • Diagnostics & monitoring

  • Content filtering

  • Device monitoring

  • SD-Voice

  • ​No need for IT staff to manage hardware, cutting costs

  • Save money and time on expenses

       of installing and running traditional                   solutions

  • All your HIPAA/PCI requirements are covered

  • Automate networking services and eliminate failure points

  • Improve network performance with SD-WAN connectivity

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