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Unified Communications


Our "As a service" provides your business with more flexibility, scalability, and cost savings than traditional phone services.

Easy Installation, Configuration, and Management – 

Your users are able to gain access to phone service quickly and easily. Our web-based portal allows you to easily configure your phone system. When you need to add, move or change users, you can do so easily with a few clicks. Having access and control over the operation of your solution you can customize your telephony options to scale with your business needs.

Simple Scaling –

If you add employees, you can simply and affordably add a new phone line. Alternatively, when staffing changes you can eliminate the phone lines and users. Your unified communications solution makes it easy to match the number of phone lines to your business requirements at any point in time. Unlike a traditional on-premise PBX phone system, your Unified Communications solution doesn’t require you to project your phone needs well into the future. With changes in your business you won’t incur extra expenses for unused phone lines or be without the capacity you need for expansion efforts.

​Expanded Advanced Features –


With a Unified Communications solution, your business gains access to the same advanced features that come with an expensive on-premises phone system. Hosted solutions often include traditional features such as call hold, call transfer, call routing, call forwarding, do not disturb, music on hold, and conferencing. Most providers also offer intelligent features like voicemail to email transcription, auto attendant, automatic call distribution, call center monitoring, call recording, and find me/follow me options.

​Cost Savings – 


Traditional on-premise phone systems require complicated configurations. Greater complexity leads to more strain on IT resources within the organization with time-consuming, expensive installation, maintenance, and repairs. Unified Communications solutions allow you to save on these costs. Additionally, you can eliminate significant capital investments in phone equipment. Instead, you pay a low monthly fee for access to your service provider’s network and phone system.

Smooth Integration with Business Applications – 


Your VoIP-based phone service can integrate with your other business applications, such as email clients and customer relationship management. This integration allows your users to place outbound calls through contact managers, bring up customer records for an inbound caller, and access your voicemail through your email account.

​Increase Employee Productivity with Mobility – 


With a Unified Communications system, employees aren’t tied to their office desks. They can make and receive phone calls from their mobile phone just as if they’re in the office. Your staff can travel, work from home or be anywhere with an Internet connection and be within reach. Tablets, smartphones, and home PCs act as Unified Communications extensions, allowing you to mobilize your workforce to address customer needs. They can also leverage much of the same phone system functionality while outside the office.

Security, Reliability, and Peace-of-mind – 


The best service providers house their hosted phone systems in secure data centers. They invest heavily in sophisticated redundant infrastructure and advanced technical staff resources. With an experienced provider, you can receive the highest levels of availability, voice quality, and overall peak performance.

With UNIFIED COMMUNICATION, you can address the most critical issues facing your business. Platinum Communication Solutions will help you unlock the full potential of your communication service, allowing you to improve competitiveness and achieve your business goals.

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