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Who we are: ​

Platinum Communication Solutions was started in 2016 by David Fortriede to assist businesses in improving the way they communicate with their customers. Located in Tyler, Texas, Platinum serves growing businesses from coast to coast. Today we count with 60+ small and mid-size businesses and we have added to our team, Yamillette Sanchez as a partner.


Technology has sped up services, taking us to a new level where new strategies and new targets have to be implemented daily to remain competitive in the market. The implementation of automated services, instant messengers, and social media has created a more demanding culture, with customers expecting a faster service, faster communication, faster results.  Platinum Communication Solutions’ platform can help you to achieve this kind of communication while protecting your profits during this time that a shaky economy has taken over. We have created a competitive pricing program to provide businesses with a Custom Phone Services Plan for about 1/3 less than the competition.


Why Us?

In East Texas, the Telecommunication Industry is primarily composed of Suddenlink, AT&T, followed by those you can find online with overseas technical support. While this industry has grown quickly, you won’t find many providers committed to your success like we are. We want to be at your service, we are a local company with local technical support. At Platinum Communication Solutions, as leaders and Christians, we believe that our company success happens when, as a company, we model the right values and take care of our customer’s needs.  We are dedicated, results-driven, and performance-focused professionals. We want to empower your growth.


Our Mission is to provide the highest quality service while supporting our client's growth and business transformation while forging lasting relationships.


Our entire staff is dedicated to assisting you and your staff to enjoy what you do while being productive and profitable. We look forward to working with you!

With Platinum Communication Solutions, you’ll get a platform that:

  • Provides high-quality, reliable cloud-based solutions

  • Utilizes modern features with enterprise capabilities

  • Costs less up front AND over time vs. traditional premise-based systems

  • Future-proofs your communications system

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