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Platinum Communication Solutions, founded in 2016 by David Fortriede, has a mission to elevate businesses' communication with their customers. Our headquarters are nestled in the heart of Tyler, Texas, but our reach extends to businesses all across the nation. At present, we proudly support over 60 small and mid-sized businesses, and our team has recently grown to include Yamillette Rodriguez as a valued partner.

The rapid evolution of technology has propelled our services to new heights, ushering in a landscape where innovative strategies and daily adaptations are crucial for maintaining a competitive edge. The advent of automated services, instant messengers, and the realm of social media has cultivated a culture of heightened expectations, with customers anticipating swifter responses, more rapid interactions, and speedier outcomes. In this dynamic environment, Platinum Communication Solutions' robust platform emerges as your steadfast companion, facilitating such agile communication while safeguarding your profits amidst the challenges of an uncertain economy. We've meticulously crafted a competitive pricing program to introduce businesses to our tailored Phone Services Plan.


So, why should you choose us?

With Platinum Communication Solutions, you'll unlock a platform that:

- Delivers impeccable cloud-based solutions, synonymous with top-notch quality and reliability.
- Harnesses contemporary features endowed with enterprise-level capabilities, aligning with the demands of the modern business landscape.
- Presents a cost-effective alternative, not only for initial expenses but also over the long run, in contrast to conventional premise-based systems.
- Shields your communication setup against future uncertainties, ensuring your system remains adaptable and effective.

At Platinum Communication Solutions, we're not just about services; we're about establishing a partnership to foster your business's growth and success.

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